Go solar and save 25-60% on your power bill!

The New Way to Power Your Home

The best way to power your home is and always will be using the power of the sun. Until now it has not been possible in a way that made any sense to the homeowner that wasn't willing to pay money down. The only other option was the lease option which would put a lien on the property making it undesirable for homeowners.


Now you can go solar with HiGrade Energy by paying no upfront cost and having your PG&E bill eliminated completely and simply paying a lesser solar bill.


Call or email us today! 

925-433-3425 or info@higradeenergy.com

See if You’re Qualified for a No-Cost Solar Solution!

No hard sell, high-pressure tactics or hype (except for our excitement about renewable power!).


We champion ethical sales practices and stake our reputation on people genuinely enjoying our collaborative, educational approach.

"Solar is on the uprise and it’s the best contribution every homeowner can make for a better future of the planet."

Our Commitment To You! 


Higrade Energy makes efficient and cleaner energy available to homeowners, business organizations, and non-profits at a lower cost than they pay for electricity generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas.


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