Christian Axios


It all started as a young boy in Boston Massachusetts. Growing up in a very cultured and traditional Greek family, Christian Axios understood the importance of hard work, persistence, and discipline. Little did he know, working in his father’s restaurant would prepare him for his bright future.
From an early age, Christian's father played a huge role in training him for success. The way he lead his family as Christian grew up was similar to how a commander would lead an army. Coming from a military and entrepreneurial background, Christian's father used much of the same tactics to lead the family out of poverty.
"Before one can be a great leader one must be an intelligent follower."
With his mother's loving nature and his father giving him direction early in life, Christian was able to take a confident leap and believe in himself.
Christian dropped out of college only 3 semesters from graduating with a B.S in Marine Engineering, to pursue his passion for the renewable energy industry in California.

In the year 2017 he moved to California. At this point, every area of his life changed. He was able to double his monthly income within 30 days of moving. He then increased his income 5 times that amount within the same year.


Christian believes in taking full advantage of this life, and that it's his duty and obligation to make a difference for himself, his family, his friends, and all of humanity. Impacting people where it matters and spreading love and hope to all is what inspires him.


He is passionate about revolutionizing the way that homeowners use their power in the United States. Turning old dirty energy from the grid system to new, clean, renewable, solar energy.


"My dream is to provide opportunities to those looking for mentorship and guidance in the solar industry. I fell in love with helping people take control of their lives and jump-starting their entrepreneurship career." – Christian Axios


He credits his success to having the right mindset, developing purpose, vision, and direction.


Christian also attributes a great deal of success to Grant Cardone and Albert Preciado:


"I admire Grant Cardone and Albert Preciado because they have shown me what it means to push your limits and truly do whatever it takes to not only make your dreams a reality, but also for the purpose of taking care of your family and creating generational wealth and a legacy."


Christian believes that developing the right mindset is crucial: 


"This is important because it is the number one thing holding most people back. Once you can conquer your mind you can get more done in shorter spans of time. You can persist despite failure. Most importantly, you can endure when things get rough because it will get rough before it gets better. That’s a fact because each person has their own mountain to climb and I believe in that wholeheartedly. There are no shortcuts to success."


Today, Christian is realizing his dreams and continues to build his 7-figure solar company. A feat that only took under 12 months. Not bad for a young college dropout! 

Emmanuel Duverneau


Born and raised in Hyde Park, MA, Emmanuel Duverneau lived with his five siblings, parents and extended family close by. He attended the Academy of the Pacific Rim (APR) from middle through high school and discovered his love and skills for sales working part-time at Best Buy and repeatedly remained the top seller on his floor.


Emmanuel attended the Wentworth Institute of Technology for a year before being presented with a life-changing opportunity from a great friend and mentor he met at Skidmore College during a summer preparatory program. Understanding that connections are as powerful as you make them, Emmanuel moved from the place he’s known all his life and took a giant leap of faith in January 2017. He started his solar career at Sungrade Solar and remained a top solar consultant until the end.


Not even a year later, Emmanuel co-founded HiGrade Energy, a solar company based in San Francisco, CA with the main goal of providing clean and affordable power on a global scale while maintaining the highest standard of quality and honoring the “triple bottom line”: people, plant, profit. 


Serving as the current CEO of HiGrade Energy, Emmanuel’s role consists of inspiring, training and managing a team of solar consultants. Focusing on sales and communications techniques in order to drive and boost sales making the world’s environment a better place. They have created a system that will get homeowners installed, saving money, and making a difference in their lives as soon as possible. 


Emmanuel wants people to know that the health of the environment is an issue. "This impacts all of us negatively or positively. We must choose to take collective action as a population with the hope that one day everyone will have solar, no matter what company they retrieve it from."


Emmanuel Duverneau is capable of anything. The path he chooses to walk is one of success. Nothing can stop him from climbing higher and going the distance. 


You set your own limits on what you can achieve.


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